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Pest Management for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

B&C Exterminating Co., provides pest infestation protection for warehousing supply chain and distribution. Pest control and prevention is an important factor for logistics service providers. Loss to contamination by pest infestation results in lost revenue and reputation. Call B&C exterinating for a free quote today.

Vulnerability to pest infestation in the warehousing and logistics industry can be serious due to the nature of the industry. Multiple entry points, frequently opened, and the possible warehousing of food sources for common pests are two of the biggest problems. The simple act of distribution inherently spreads pest issues complicating the control of target pests in the facility.

Pest Control & Management For Warehouses

Faster and more efficient distribution demands to store and move goods from producers to retail demand more efficient safety and control measures. Integrated Pest Management (IPM), such as B&C Exterminating offers, can aid in cutting down on the worry of pest management and exposure to risk while maintaining a pest free environment in your warehouses or storage units. Monitoring and reporting will assure the target pests are controlled and will tell us when problems occur so a pest issue can be handled in short order. The IPM approach will ensure the integrity of the products you warehouse and protect your companies reputation while maintaining a safe work environment.

Warehouse & Distribution Centers Will Benefit in Many Ways

  • Reduced worry prosecution for non-compliance with applicable laws
  • Termination of contracts leading to revenue losses
  • Less loss of customer trust, complaints and compensation claims
  • Reduced flying insect and rodent activity
  • Reduces damage to reputation

Fly Control for Distribution Centers and Warehouses

The risk of food contamination by various flying insects, especially flies, is extremely high. Fruit flies, moths and stinging insects such as bees, wasps and hornets can not only make the work environment unconformable but these insects can create unhealthy conditions for the products stored there and your employees.

Commercial Mouse and Rat Control In Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Mice and rats carry various bacterial and viral pathogens that are a hazard to workers and products stored in the area causing more than a couple hazards for the warehousing and distribution industry. The signs can be clear if you know what to look for. Feces and urine,or the smell of urine is a common sign along with gnawing, damage to merchandise by feeding and shredded materials gathered for nesting of rodents.

B&C Exterminating will inspect and suggest structural weaknesses and sealing off access points where rodents may gain access. We will implement baiting and monitoring stations to determine problem areas and to provide early detection of infestations. Doing so will enable us to take control measures to a specific problem area before it becomes a larger issue within the warehouse or distribution center.

Commercial Pest Control For Stored Product Pests

Warehouses and distribution centers which store and distribute food or textiles can attract or acquire a long list of pests from the outside or by being shipped in with other foods or textiles. Pests ranging from rodents and textile moths to every kind of beetle imaginable that feed on everything from grain to fur. These pests, as their population grow, will cause loss from creating damaged goods. Also it is typical of a pest infestation to create conditions that are good to allow mold to grow by supplying higher humidity and heat to the environment. A quick and effective Integrated Pest Management Program will prevent these issues from becoming problems.

Commercial Control of Crawling Insects; Cockroaches, Ants, Beetles, Spiders etc.

Cockroaches, ants, crickets, beetles, spiders, woodlice, earwigs and dust mites who find your warehouses a comfortable place to live and breed almost always cause a threat to your warehousing and distribution operation. If you store raw food material or materials some insects consider food your chances of having an issue increase. This is not because they are always attracted to the materials in your warehouse but may have arrived in the materials you are storing, putting the other stored product at risk.

If you own or operate a warehouse or distribution center in Salem, Vinton, Roanoke or surrounding counties please call B&C Exterminating for a quote today.

shenandoah Vall Pest Control
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