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Virginia insect & pest news

Autumn Edition

End Of Summer, Beginning of Flea season in the Roanoke Valley.

Fleas are an issue all during the year but are very active during the warm months. Your pet can acquire a couple and by the end of summer you have a real issue. September, October and November is when you will notice them as they have had time to increase their population inside.

Optimal conditions for fleas are between 70-85°F and 70 percent humidity. A healthy flea in the right environment can lay up to 40 eggs per day. Typically they are deposited on the host, your pet, and as your pet walks around they disperse throughout the area they frequent. Once the eggs hatch the larvae will feed on "Flea Dirt", pre-digested blood from adult fleas, until they pupate. At this time the larvae will create a cocoon in which it will stay until they hatch into adult fleas. This stage, when they are in the cocoon, can last for weeks, months or even up to a year if the conditions for hatching are not good. Adults hatching from cocoons can be triggered by vibrations and warmth from a passing host. Once hatched the flea feeds and the process starts again.

To rid your home or business from fleas takes 2 scheduled treatments, sometimes 3. Initially you will need to prepare for the first treatment which will include stringent vacuuming and general tidying up so we can effectively treat the space. Most treatments are ineffective in killing pupating fleas that are within the cocoon, this is why we treat twice. The second treatment is scheduled for 10 to 14 days after as to kill any fleas that hatched since the initial treatment. If your pet is allowed inside and out the yard need to be professionally treated by a veterinarian as well.

Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps. Ouch!

mouse, mice exterminationYellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasps are a fairly big problem by the end of summer or fall months in the Salem, Vinton and Roanoke Virginia areas. If they managed to survive undetected so far, chances are they have built a nice big family that by this time is hard to ignore.

Since the larvae have all grown up and no longer need to be fed the workers are foraging randomly for themselves. They can become increasingly aggressive you are more likely to sting during this time. Also in the autumn months, they search out sweets instead of proteins which are for the developing larvae earlier in the season. You'll find them buzzing around your soda or even beer. Hummingbird feeders are a favorite for some yellow jackets.

Late in the summer, a yellow jacket colony is at its largest (1,000-4,000 workers), but this is when change comes to the colony and the social structure begins breaking down. New queens have developed and males are also produced. These reproductive members of the colony leave the nest and mate. Newly fertilized queens will leave and look for a protected place to spend the winter, sometimes under the bark of trees or in the ground or inside of structures.

Mice and Rats

mouse, mice exterminationMice and rats, rodents, can wreck your whole day. Like most animals in the wild they spend all summer out running around eating and playing in the fields and forests. But when colder weather rolls around they look for more permanent and protected shelter. Although a rodent can take up house in your house at just about any time, when the weather turns colder they are more likely to do so. If by chance they find a food source, they will exploit it, and this is typically when you notice you have a problem unless you see one first.

If the appropriate measures are taken, mice can be taken care of before they set up house in your house. If you notice where mice have eaten or even stored food (check under your stove or refrigerator), please call us. Mice will store cat or dog food to safely eat it later. You may notice gnawed containers in your cabinet or dropping in a utensil drawer or actually see one

Mice and rats can be very destructive. From contaminating food sources to physical damage to your property. They also can carry disease. They almost single handedly, by carrying fleas, wiped out Europe by distributing the plague rapidly through populations. Rodent infestations should raise concern about the spread of specific bacteria and viruses carried by the mice and rats. B&C Exterminating Co. can provide solutions for rodent issues ranging from consulting the home or business owner about exclusion methods, or trapping and poisoning programs depending on the problem.

Autumn Pest Looking For A Warm Place To Be.

The summer has ended in the Roanoke valley and many outdoor pests begin to look for places to survive the approaching winter. This means your house or any heated structure is at risk of being invaded by everything from millipedes to spiders.

spidersSpiders are very common in Virginia and as long as they are outside most people do not think much about them. Find one running across your pillow and most people have a much different opinion of spiders.

Rodents, such as mice and sometimes rats, can also be a problem when the weather starts turning chilly in the evening.

During our free inspection of your home we will look for signs of rodents, spiders and other pests in the more inaccessible places in your home such as your attic and crawl space. If any evidence of any of these pests are found we will notify you of them and provide a plan.

We can also provide a full attic treatment for all insects possibly wintering in your attic. This includes ladybugs, cluster flies, box elder bugs and stink bugs to name a few. These inspections and possible treatments can be important to prepare for spring time pests and considerably lessen chances of unwanted infestations.

Last but not least, the colder months is your chance to get your house ready for spring. We can identify and seal pest entry points, and use various pest treatments to create a barrier in and around your home or business. The three things that cause pesticides to break down are light, heat, and moisture. These factors are less of a problem in winter months, which means our treatments will last longer and be ready when warmer weather arrives and pest populations begin to swell.

Autumn Pest Prevention Tips

Autumn pest coming inside become a nuisance when they begin to make themselves at home. The best practices to reduce pest infestations is to make the environment that they need to survive less hospitable. By removing food, water or heat sources you can greatly reduce winter pest infestations yourself.

  • Make sure window and door seals are tight
  • Seal small cracks or spaces around your structures you want to exclude from entering
  • Keep food sources sealed such as cereals and grains
  • Seal around pipe or wiring going into your home or business
  • Insulate sweaty pipes to reduce water sources
  • Insulate attic from living quarters to cut down on heat exchange
  • Practice common sense sanitation

Call B&C Exterminating

Call B&C if you have any pest issues in your home or business. We will schedule one of our trained and licenced technicians to inspect your property, identify the pest and provide you with options to manage your pest issue. We can provide immediate and long term solutions to keep your business or home pest free and safe from unhealthy or potentially damaging pests.


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