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Safe & Effective Pest Control

B & C Exterminating is a locally owned and operated pest control company servicing Roanoke, Salem, Vinton and surrounding counties in Virginia. Call today for a free inspection, 540-342-5828.

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Safe, Effective Pest Control Solutions

B&C Exterminating pest control services provide safe and effective treatments for rodents, pest insects and wod destroying termites, wood bores and powderpost beetles in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia. We can provide a service plan based on your specific needs. Contact us to request a free inspection and quote.

  • Full Service Pest Control
  • Emergency & Specialty Services Available
  • Licensed & Insured
  • Member of the National and Virginia Pest Management Association
  • VPMA Wood Destroying Insect Inspector Certification
  • Low Odor, All Natural and Organic Solutions Available

Year Round Pest Control Service and Protection

Protecting your residential or commercial space all year from insects, rodents and seasonal pests is what we do. B&C Exterminating provides pest control programs to protect your home or business from pests ranging from, but not limited to, roaches, mice, spider, stink bugs, lady bugs (lady bird beetles), centipedes, millipedes, beetles, hornets and wasps to name a few. Our programs consist of regularly scheduled visits during the year to exterminate pests before they move in. Keeping your home pest free.

Our services also include wood destroying insects such as termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, wood bores and powderpost beetles. Termites willbe swarming in full force this spring. Do not hesitate to get your free inspection. Termites damage many homes in the Roanoke area but if you do not notice the spring termite swarm you may find them the hard way, by noticing a soft or sunken floor.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our goal at B&C is to provide excellent pest control and termite services by listening to our customers issues and effectively taking care of the problem with the most effective and safest treatment available.

Quality Pest Control and Exterminating Services

Based on the pests found during your free inspection, and your concerns, you can stink bug exterminatorchoose the service that best suites your issues. Our treatment plans are serviced all year, including the winter months, to assure the property remains pest free even when it seems pests are not active. All contracted pest control service plans offer;

  1. Free or Reduced Rate treatments between regularly scheduled treatment
  2. Discounts for specialty pests not covered under a general pest agreement

Monthly Pest Control Treatment Plan

Maintenance and management of standard pests on a monthly basis to keep your business or home free from pest insects and rodents. The best pest control choice for ongoing pest issues. This treatment can be performed outside the home, without using pesticides inside your home, unless you have pest issues inside. Best choice for commercial settings especially restaurants, food service or distribution centers with open areas and lots of traffic that may allow for great pest issues. The monthly pest control treatment plan covers all standard pest and receives specialty services at a reduced rate.

Every Other Month Pest Control Treatment Plan

Same great service but less intrusive. Pest control treatment applied every other month. Maintains pest control barrier and will still keep out more persistent pests such as mice. Our every other month pest control plan works well with homes that exhibit moderate issues and retail settings that do not handle food or have open access to the exterior of the structure.

Quarterly Pest Control Treatment Plan

This is the most economical treatment plan. We will treat all standard pest issues every three month. Quarterly pest control keeps standard pest issues under control for properties without special issues. Quarterly pest control treatments reduce spiders, ants and the occasional rodents that may invade your home.

Call today to schedule a free inspection.

Specialty Treatments

Specialty pest control treats pests such as bed bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, carpenter bees and ants, stink bugs, etc. that require special attention to get get under control. You may not need to have regular service but we may need to treat more than once to get rid of these insects based on their life cycle and the type of infestation.

One-Shot Pest Treatments

wasps, hornets, exterminatorA "One-shot" treatment is a one-time treatment, typically for nonrecurring pests such as wasps and hornets and on occasion certain species of ants. This is pest control option for unique pest situations.

Pest Exclusion Services

Squirrels in the attic? We'll perform a thorough inspection to see where critters are entering your home, then close up any areas where they have access.


shenandoah Vall Pest Control
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